Travelling Librarians

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A gypsy-like tribe who travel the villages and homesteads of the World, bringing culture, civilization and a good read whatever the weather.

It is said they can tell what book you need just by looking at you, and they can take your voice away with a nod. They may exchange passing nods, as well as copies of Anecdotes of the Great Accountants with any Travelling Accountants they meet on the road. Even in the worst winter, the idea of burning any of that paper to keep warm is totally anathema, to the consternation of any passing Feegles.

Some titles they rely on themselves when stuck in a snowdrift, with no food, and down to their last candle:

  • Survival in the Snow, T.H. Mouseholder
  • Among the Snow Weasels, K. Pierpoint Poundsworth
  • Cooking in Dire Straits, Superflua Raven
  • The Habits of Wolves, Captain W.E. Lightly

In the most extreme circumstances and despite certain oddities of expression, they still manage to rightly interpret the Feegles request, and supply them with an aid to Tiffany, PASSION'S PLAYTHING by Marjory J. Boddice (a tortured tale of a tempestuous romance by the author of SUNDERED HEARTS!!!).