Triple Orcthrust with Extra Flip

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A complex and spectacular sword-play manoevre that atttracts rounds of applause if done correctly. Even if done by Nijel the Destroyer in a faultless and impeccable way, right up until the moment the blade sticks in the ceiling, it can still draw appplause from the cognescenti. Of course, as Conina or Cohen or perhaps Madame Deux-Epées might demonstrate to you, less showy and spectacular swordplay that manages to kill or incapacitate the opponent is perhaps a more reliable strategy in the long run... and a real Orc, such as Mister Nutt, might have divined what's coming even before the first thrust and leave you with no opportunity to follow through with the remaining two. And an Orc is a fighting machine you had better take out with the first stroke, as there sure as hell won't be time for another two, even without extra flip.