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Miss Triplet is the senior housemaid at the Patrician's Palace who is entrusted with "doing" for Leonard of Quirm. This is a trial for Leonard as he would never notice the dust, if left entirely to his own Devices, and he bemoans her ability to lose and misplace things, such as his Treatise on the structure of the wing. How she navigates the pitfalls and traps built into the approaches to Leonard's quarters, as well as some of the inherently dangerous things within them, is a mystery, unless they're turned off twice a week By Arrangement. The mental picture called to mind is that of a spiritual sister to Mrs. Whitlow at the University, a formidable woman who would not let trifling matters such as certain death if she takes a wrong step get in betwen her and any dust to be cleaned nor bedding to be changed in any corner of her Palace. Indeed, Mrs Whitlow has of course faced down and scared off the occupational hazards of life at the University to such an extent that they hide at her approach...