Tuttle Scrope

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Tuttle Scrope
Tuttle Scrope, as drawn by Matt Smith
Name Tuttle Scrope
Race Human
Occupation President of the Guild of Shoemakers and Leatherworkers
Physical appearance
Parents Tuskin Scrope, father
Marital Status
Cameos The Truth

Tuttle Scrope is the son of Tuskin Scrope. He had been President of the Guild of Shoemakers and Leatherworkers for the past seven years, at the time of the events of The Truth. His shop in Wixon's Alley, however, is not your usual leather shop. In a nice old family atmosphere it sells leather er... items and um... little jiggly things - in short, garments for folks whose tastes are a little more unusual than the average...

Hence, presumably, this shop was much patronised by Sir Joshua Lavish, previous chairman of the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork. And Sam Vimes believes that Nobby Nobbs gets their catalogue...

This doesn't stop him being a loving family man, and ideal, in the eyes of some, to be the next Patrician when Lord Vetinari is accused of robbery and attampted murder. Presumably, then, he's a little dim, to be taken in so easily by the other Lords and Heads of Guilds. Who else would want to go against Vetinari?

Name Origin

"Tuttle" is thought to derive from old Norse meaning "Thor's cauldron". Add to it the name "Scrope", which is an old Anglo-Norman word meaning "crab", and we may deduce that this person is involved in what is being termed the "Crab Bucket Syndrome" (note the part that he was given in the attempt to depose Vetinari).

An alternate theory is that "Tuttle" may also mean "Lookout Hill"...rather apt in view that he was used as a front in the above attempt to hide who the actual enemies are.

Also, "Tuttle" is the name of the famed publisher, Tuttle Publishing.