Unhealthy and Unsafety Regulations Governing the Lifting and Moving of Large Objects

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Mentioned in Eric, this demon book parodies the large safety manuals found on Roundworld. As part of Astfgl's plan for an effective Hell, the reading of this book was ordained to take place before each attempt at rolling the rock up the hill (Discworld Sisyphus). The Commentaries alone are known to consist of at least 93 volumes, including an array of sub-clauses. The Regulations themselves fill another 1,440 volumes. Part 1, that is.


Anyone who's worked for a Local Council or other Government body is likely to have been forced to attend a Manual Handling Course wherein you are taught exactly how to lift large and bulky objects without causing physical pain and civil actions against said Council. These courses usually last half a day and invariably include the handing out of a pamphlet detailing the use of the knees and not the back to lift things.