Unseen University Mealtimes

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As with the system of bells aboard ship, or the solemn order of prayer services in a monastery, the day at Unseen University appears to be regulated by its mealtimes, which rather like the Bells aboard a ship, seem to occur at two-hourly intervals throughout the day and night.

Mealtimes named in the books so far are:-

Several of the above are labelled "conjectural" and have been inserted at intelligently guessed intervals with suitable names, to preserve the integrity of a 24 hour cycle in which there are twelve opportunities to eat a full meal. Some of the above may be duplicated entries - the "Afternoon Tea (well, Sherry, really" of Sourcery may well have mutated over the years into the "Mid-Afternoon Snack" of The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch. No evidence has yet been found for the conjectural "Late tea", so if this and one of the Mid-afternoon snacks can be eliminated, we are back to twelve meals again, and not fourteen.