Urdo van Pew

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Urdo van Pew was the President of the Thieves' Guild at the time of Guards! Guards!.

He was arrested by new recruit Carrot Ironfoundersson and left tied up in front of the Patrician's Palace with a note saying "This man is charged with, Conspiracy to commit Crime, under Section 14 (iii) of the General Felonies Act, 1678, by me, Carrot Ironfoundersson."

Van Pew came to Lord Vetinari to complain, but found he was unable to successfully explain how one man had been able to get through the entire Thieves' Guildhouse. Vetinari also questioned him on the strange thefts of magical items from around the city, which van Pew was also unable to explain. He left the interview with the Patrician having promised to deal with the matter momentarily (either immediately or extremely briefly) and feeling like he was lucky to get out alive, especially since he shook a finger at the Patrician.