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Here is a possible template I would like to suggest we could implement as an update to the current Template:Book Data. It is based on a template from another wiki so the main credit goes there, however, I have tweaked some aspects of the template and made some appropriate changes to make it fit more comfortably into this wiki. The template will show any parameter that is filled and hide any that is not. I have included all the aspects of the current book data template as well as include some additional fields that could be used. What do you think?

I will be happy to make the changeover on each of the book pages if it agreed that it could be implemented.

I will also need to create a small template Template:t in order for this to work.........(edit) Ok, as Template:t already exists I am going to have rethink this because the template is broken with the current Template:t in place.

Success. Managed to get it to work. Template:t in this template now uses Template:t-. The width of the template is a standard 285px but this can change with ease depending on the px size attribute for an image.

Any questions, feedback or concerns please direct them to the talk page. I will be interested to see what people think.

Foreword by{{{foreword}}}
Publication date{{{date}}}
Main characters{{{characters}}}
Book no.{{{bookno}}}
Preceded by{{{precededby}}}
Followed by{{{followedby}}}
All data relative to UK first edition.


{{User:CelticWanderer/Book infobox template
| title         =
| image         = <!--285px seems to be a good size-->
| coauthors     =
| foreword      =
| editor        =
| contributors  =
| illustrators  =
| publisher     =
| date          = <!--date of publication-->
| format        = <!--paperback or hardcover-->
| pages         =
| isbn          = 
| characters    = <!--main characters only-->
| series        =
| bookno        = <!--book number in the series: e.g. use #1, #2, #3 etc.-->
| annotations   = <!--if any type 'View' in this field-->
| notes         =
| precededby    = <!--add the preceding book in the series-->
| followedby    = <!--add the following book in the series-->