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In 1988 my eldest brother foolishly left a copy of The Light Fantastic in the sitting room, I picked it up, started reading, and have never looked back.

To say Pratchett is my favourite author is a bit like saying that air is my favourite thing to breath. Pratchett has been with me through thick and thin, and often tall and short.

I have been slowly compiling a website with fanfiction, personal accounts and Pratchett related paraphernalia on it, you might find it interesting:

Clacks Header

I have a Pinterest board devoted to Pratchett here.

My favourite character is Rincewind, because who couldn't love someone who just wants a quiet life!

I live in Fourecks after spending most of my life living south east of The Chalk on The Wold, with a bit of time in Sheepridge or thereabouts.

I write the odd Discworld fanfiction and also original pieces of my own devising.

If anyone is interested in contributing to Clacks Header, get in touch.

I like potatoes!!!