War (Good Omens)

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Carmen Zuibiger.JPG
Name Scarlett / Carmine "Red" Zuigiber
Race Anthropomorphic personification
Age Unknown
Occupation Arms dealer
War correspondent
Physical appearance Beautiful redhead, orange eyes
Death Happens to other people
Marital Status
Books Good Omens
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One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the anthropomorphic personification of War appears a beautiful woman who always looks in her mid-twenties, with waist-length copper-red hair and orange eyes. She has been known as Scarlett and Carmine "Red" Zuigiber, and exudes a sensuality that is both terrifying and fascinating.

Wherever she goes, fights break out, and sleepy towns become war-zones, which made her last occupation as war correspondent quite convenient. Her motif (the object she was given by the International Express deliveryman) is the flaming sword. How it came into her hands from the first Adam would make a rather interesting back story.

She was defeated by Pepper during the final showdown.

Artist's credit

The portrait of Carmine Zuigiber ("War") is by kind permission of the artist Linn, who has kindly given consent to its being copied here. She has asked for a mention to be made of her website where other examples of her art may be found.

Other examples of Pratchett-related art may be seen on the Good Omens Lexicon site. Please note that as yet we have no permission to reproduce here any artwork appearing on this site. Please do not copy any of this site's artwork for reproduction here until such time as permission is granted.

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