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Described by Tolliver Groat as 'a pen pusher' who can push a pen into some unusual places, with some force. Mr Whobblebury was a Dark Clerk working for Vetinari.

After the deaths of the last three occupants of the job Post Master General, Vetinari appointed a man with more skill at defending himself and could report back as to why the Post Office seemed to be cursed and his attempts to re-open it were failing. In this role Whobblebury was always snooping around the building. Tragedy struck when he found and closely inspected the Mail Sorting Engine created by Bergholt Stuttley Johnson. The post office staff were first alerted to his demise when the cat, Mr Tiddles, came in carrying a bit of him. In the words of Stanley; "His head was all over the wall!!".

After that the sorting room was locked, and Vetinari was forced to look elsewhere for a candidate.