Why Men Get Under Your Feet

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A self-help book and basic gender polemic for women. Adora Belle Dearheart read a copy and then passed it on to Gladys. The exact content is unknown, but it did impress upon Gladys the impression that a friendly pat on the shoulder was Very Nearly Inappropriate Touching. Of course, as golem, Gladys has been swayed by everything from the self-help column to the ladies' advice magazine, so perhaps not much can be said for the book's persuasive capabilities...


There is a whole shelf of Roundworld referents for this sort of book, possibly beginning with Jilly Cooper's manifesto Superwoman, a late 1970's guide to how a woman might have it all - home, career, income - without deferring to men. There are also suspicious attitudinal similarities to Germaine Greer's feminist polemic The Female Eunuch, which is far more militant and calls for a severance with past attitudes of female deference and service to men.