Wotua Doinov

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Composer of Überwald Winter, which contains a marvellous overture, known as СНОВА ПОХОЛОДАЛО!1, and much admired by the Wintersmith when he heard it as he raged as a gale through the rooftops of an opera house. He couldn't believe a mere human could put so much understanding of snow and ice into his music.

Also of Prelude in G which, when ready to be played on an organ created by Bloody Stupid Johnson by simian hands belonging to the Librarian, can be heard rescored for Whoopee Cushion and Squashed Rabbits

1 СНОВА ПОХОЛОДАЛО!; "It's got cold again"


Possibly also a conductor of no little note - Walter Plinge (who is in a position to listen to anything) decides to listen to a Vochua Doinov-inspired performance of the overture from J. Q. Bubbla's Die Flederleiv. Vochua-Wotua. Misunderstanding, or could - shock! - TP not have bothered spell checking???


Conductor Vochua Doinov = wot (What) you a doin' of - a reproach often given to the orchestra in rehearsals by the great Sir Henry Wood.

A popular name, seemingly: I found a stray reference to a Czech poet/authoress called Nina Duinov in Michael Palin's published diary, Halfway to Hollywood. Maddeningly, I've been unable to locate it again since, but a Google on the name "Doinov" or "Duinov" brings up a whole host of architects, composers, poets, philosophers and politicians from all over Eastern Europe, with Bulgarians predominating. Evidently a Slavonic "Smith"?