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The Wyrmberg
Neighbours Hergen
Geographical Features Vast upside down mountain.
Population A few hundred warriors and dragons
Size Territory covers the mountain and the zone of high magic surrounding it.
Type of government Feudal, current ruler: Dragonlady Liessa Wyrmbidder
Notable Citizens Wizard & Dragon Lord Greicha the First
Imports Sheep, lost travellers
Exports Dragon raids (but only within the magical region)
National Anthem
Books The Colour of Magic

The Wyrmberg is the "Dragon Home" featured in The Colour of Magic, a magic-infested area where dragons can be created from pure thought. Parodies Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. The Wyrmberg is located, according to information in The Compleat Discworld Atlas, in the country of Hergen. Aparently dracophiles - dragon-spotters - are drawn to this ara and unpleasant situations have resulted. Some Extreme Sports enthusiasts have even tried to climb the Wyrmberg, drawn magnetically to an upside-down mountain held in place by residual magic. This has led to more unpleasantness and frequent splatting noises.

Wyrmberg has the appearance of an upside down mountain. On the inside it is hollow, with dwellings for the dragon riders and forgotten tunnels from a time when there was more magic. On top is a small wood, a lake with waterfalls running down the sides of the mountain and the Killing Ground, where for some bizarre reason fighting is prohibited.

Wyrmberg is now ruled by Liessa Wyrmbidder (aka Lianna, perhaps a typo), after Hrun defeated and she banished her brothers Lio!rt and Liartes, allowing her father, Greicha to finally rest in peace.