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A chef encountered in Making Money, who works in the Chairman's Suite at the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork. He is afflicted with an embarrassing allergy and has very little experience of catering for humans. In fact, he prefers to call himself a canine chef. His daughter Peggy steers him through the little traumas of life and also makes a mean omelette. He is the ever-hopeful author of Cooking with Brains, which has so far failed to propel him into the culinary stratosphere. He apparently delights in cooking minced collops, making him the perfect chef for Adora Belle Dearheart, who delights in eating minced collops.


Thinking about it, Cooking with Brains has a resonance elsewhere in humorous literature, as author Sue Townshend's great diarist Adrian Mole, when aged about 29 and three quarters, is very briefly in vogue as the author of a cookery book called Cooking with Offal, which refreshes the jaded food palate of the fashionable London dining out set... although not for very long, as his brief moment of fame soon evaporates.