Ankh-Morpork Neighbourhoods

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Some names are taken from the Game:Discworld_Ankh-Morpork

The Shades is the original core of the city but once Ankh-Morpork began to develop its own momentum, urban sprawl soon encompassed the surrounding villages.

Known Neighbourhoods

The extent of the neighbourhoods is uncertain at present and some more research will be needed (Any helpers?) The image on the right is a possible neighbourhood layout.


For The Shades, Dolly Sisters and Nap Hill references are found in the The Discworld Companion.

Dimwell information was gleaned from Night Watch and Going Postal.

Seven Sleepers from Night Watch

Wizards' Quarter from The Colour of Magic

In Night Watch, the district encompassing the Shades and the adjacent area around the Cattlemarket and Pig Sty Hill , as far as and encompassing Easy Street, are referred to as the Lower Rimside.