Isle of Gods

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The Isle of Gods, considered to be the posh part of town, is located in uptown Ankh-Morpork and is almost encircled by the river Ankh. It connects to the rest of uptown Ankh-Morpork by two streets (Body Street & Salis Street), and to downtown Morpork by four bridges (New Bridge, Brass Bridge, Contract Bridge and Pon's Bridge). The name is possibly a reference to the Isle of Dogs in London. It is certainly the case that a lot of street names here have a nudge-nudge reference to counterparts in London: Warder Street, So-So Street, etc. If the Ankh is held to be a reference of the Thames, the Isle of Gods is in the same place as the Isle of Dogs. The anachronistic nature of having the Dysk next to the Opera House is discussed by the History Monks in Thief of Time.

Buildings of interest;