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The largest bridge over the River Ankh. it connects Ankh's Lower Broad Way with Morpork's Upper Broad Way on a direct path between the opera house and the Patrician's palace. The bridge is lined with statues of hippos. It is said they will flee when Ankh-Morpork is in danger. Apparently Unseen University students once stole it as a prank. During a high-level theological conference on the nature of Golems that happened here, (for reasons too long to tell), the High Priest Hughnon Ridcully was spared incineration from a lightning bolt flung at him by an incensed God Offler. His patron deity Blind Io deflected it into one of the ornamental hippos, which split into two top to bottom. This has presumably not been repaired and remains as an eyecatching feature for passers-by to speculate over.

All bridges over the Ankh (Rimwards to Hubwards)