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Conina by Tealin
Name Conina Harebut
Race Human
Occupation Hairdresser?
Physical appearance
Parents Cohen the Barbarian is her father and a concubine her mother
Marital Status Married to Nijel the Destroyer
Books Sourcery

Daughter of Cohen the Barbarian, Conina wants to be a hairdresser and live a normal life but was blessed with incredible looks, hair and skin from her mother (one of innumerable concubines, freed slaves or temple women Cohen has ravished during his life, although he stayed with this one long enough to teach Conina some tricks of the trade) and muscles like iron, tendons like hawsers and reflexes like a cat on a hot tin roof from her father. She found it almost impossible to be a hairdresser as every time she held scissors she felt overwhelming urges to cut throats rather than hair, she blames her father for this as his barbarianism was hereditary (herrydeterry, as she put it). She is an incredible thief, a stupendous swordswoman and a one-woman adventure whirlwind. All of which tends to get in the way of living a normal life. Her one major appearance is in Sourcery when she is duped into stealing the Archchancellor's Hat and ending up in Klatch with Rincewind, Nijel the Destroyer (an inept barbarian wannabe whom she keeps having to save) and Creosote the Seriph.

After adventures including magic carpets, the Ice Giants and stealing the horses from the Four Horsemen of the Apocralypse whilst they were drinking in a pub, the Mage Wars end with an uncharacteristically brave act from Rincewind, and Conina and Nijel are brainwashed by the last Sourcerer, Coin, and depart. Presumably they are now Mr and Mrs Harebut, but with her attributes, who knows which is which...


Conina is described as having platinum-blonde hair and an "exotically dark skin". She is also lethal with many weapons, extremely quick in her responses, and short-tempered. Terry in his younger days was a D&D game master. He would know all about the Drow - a sub-species of D&D Elves who are "Chaotically Evil", combine very pale hair and very dark skins, and who are weapon-users with extremely fast reflexes. Hmmm.