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Name Coin
Race Human
Age 10 years old in Sourcery
Occupation Sourcerer
Physical appearance young boy in a simple white robe with blond hair and golden eyes.
Residence Maligree's Wonderful Garden
Death not subject to death
Parents Ipslore the Red
Relatives seven older brothers
Marital Status Single
Books Sourcery

In Sourcery, the eighth son of disgraced wizard Ipslore the Red, Coin was of course a sourcerer, pouring magic into the world wherever he went. Though due to die, Ipslore evaded his fate temporarily by hiding his immortal remains in the octiron staff he passed on to his immensely powerful son, giving new meaning to the phrase "living vicariously through one's children".

Advised by the staff, the young Coin took over first Unseen University and then the whole city of Ankh-Morpork, transforming the Patrician into a small lizard for the duration. As had historically tended to happen when there were huge amounts of magical power around, a wizards' war soon began, nearly precipitating the Apocralypse. (The high casualty rate among UU wizards during this time may be the reason for the installation of Ridcully the Brown as Archchancellor and the subsequent changing nature of the University.)

A stop was put to this when Rincewind eventually confronted him armed only with a halfbrick-inna-sock. Rather than kill such a ridiculously harmless figure, Coin turned against and destroyed the staff. But the problems presented by almost limitless power in a world as magically sensitive as the Disc didn't go away, and he finally created his own little paradisiacal pocket universe, leaving the Disc behind forever.