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Sister Credenza is a teaching nun who had the responsibility of imparting Education into Sacharissa Cripslock. According to Sacharissa, her old teacher was a tough no-nonsense traditionalist who could bite a door in two and tended to use a lot of interest-ing language,


A credenza is a sort of heavily ornamented sideboard cabinet originating in Italy, and can also denote a kind of equally baroque desk, often with an inlaid ornamental top in marble. Sister Jennifer would be a nun who would know a lot about credenzas. Etymologically, the word began as a noun, denoting the official poison-taster serving a mediaeval condotierri warlord, a mediaeval Italian prince of Machiaevellian disposition, or an unpopular Pope. The title translated first into that of the room where poison-tasting took place, and later shifted to describe the sort of cabinet in which poisons and antidotes were stored (with marble workbench on top). No doubt the Assassins' Guild has many fine credenze accumulated over the years.