Fiddler's Riddle

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The sort of pub where Death might go if he felt a tad depressed, just for the atmosphere.

Not a jolly place, with an even more lugubrious and egregiously mean-spirited Mine Host. This is even before we consider his wife, possibly the reason for his being lugubrious and mean-spirited. They attempted to abduct Eskarina Smith when she went astray in Ohulan Cutash, when she innocently went in to ask for a glass of milk.

When she turned a keg of beer first into fresh milk and then into triple distilled mountain peach brandy, the landlord saw dollar signs floating in front of his eyes and they were unwise enough to attempt to assert a monopoly on the source of the bounty (Esk). Doubly unwise, as Granny Weatherwax was out there looking for her too. However, they were spared Granny's wrath when Esk escaped, but discovered the brandy had turned into something nasty by morning...

A generation later, the pub is apparently under new management by the time the railway reaches Ohulan Cutash. The current publican is a Mr Skiller, who is also the town's mayor. Moist von Lipwig considers it "a very good tavern".