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Forthwright, universally known as The Boy, is the most junior member of the household staff at Ramkin House, entrusted mainly with making up and lighting fires and cleaning fireplaces afterwards. He also cleans the privies, scullions in the kitchen, helps the gardener, and Takes the Blame.

Apart from a brief period as drummer boy in Lord Venturi's Heavy Infantry, having lied about his age and musical ability, he has been in Sybil Ramkin's family service all his life. He returns to his duties at the manor after the conclusion of Jingo where he has remained since.

There is a dialogue in Night Watch where it becomes clear that Willikins himself started in the service of the Ramkin family, thirty years ago, as The Boy. Perhaps the young and eager Forthwright may one day ascend to the world of butlery? He certainly has the name for it.