Gloria Thogsdaughter

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A Dwarf princess who is a contemporary of Susan Sto Helit at the Quirm College for Young Ladies. Renowned for her sheer vertical acceleration in netball games, and reviled by the horsey set for allegedly going near the stables and salivating. Something of an outcast and among the last to be picked for games (the two often go together) she is allowed to plait her beard with ribbons in the school colours, and is a friend of Susan and Princess Jade, the sole troll pupil.

As Dwarf females are not considered mature until about a hundred, she may not, chronologically, be the same age as Susan and the human pupils. In fact, for Dwarf parents to acknowledge a daughter at all, as opposed to a neuter-unspecified young Dwarf, and then send her to a dedicated girls' school, would have been incredibly forward-looking.

It is tempting to look at her friendship with Jade, reflect on the idea that graduates of QCYL are regarded as very well connected, competent and influential Ladies Who Organise, and associate this, in some small way, with the noticeable thawing in relations between Dwarfs and Trolls.