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Name Mr Gryle
Race Banshee
Occupation hired killer
Physical appearance tall sinister figure with a wide-brimmed hat, what looks like a cloak but are really his wings.
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Death Killed by Moist von Lipwig during a fight in the Ankh-Morpork Post Office
Relatives reported to have eaten his own grandma
Marital Status undesirable
Books Book:Going Postal

Mr Gryle was a Banshee—which was a surprise to all of Pratchett's readers as we'd all been told that Mr Ixolite was the Disc's last surviving one.

Gryle was discovered and used by Reacher Gilt to dispose of anyone who stood in his way. He was responsible for the death of both John Dearheart and Crispin Horsefry. He was very nearly also responsible for the deaths of both Tolliver Groat and Moist von Lipwig.

As a banshee he could arrive from the air and leave very few clues for anyone to decipher. This includes that of smell: banshees have little tangible odour for a werewolf or other nasally-gifted creature to pick up. This made him the perfect killer for Reacher Gilt to use to deal with 'little problems'.

Gryle seemed to wear a thick leathery cape, but that was just his wings tightly wrapped around him. The muscles in his chest are immensely tough, protecting as they do both his hearts.

An unlikeable character, he told Stanley Howler that he "gnawed his grandmother's bones". He had very few needs in life, but he did have a passion for pigeons. This was his undoing, as the pigeons in Ankh-Morpork are practically septic: "dogturd burgers", in fact. This led to his being not 100% prepared for the attack.

Actually, his real undoing was Stanley who, when confronted by Gryle, had one of his "Little Moments", which resulted in Gryle being hit in the mouth by a sack of pins.

Gryle retreated into the Sorting Office, where he and Moist von Lipwig had a final showdown. Somehow, Gryle was inveigled into the Sorting Engine, whereupon he was Sorted. Well and truly.