Stanley Howler

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Stanley Howler
Name Stanley Howler
Race Human
Occupation Head of Stamps
Physical appearance
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status
Books Going Postal
Making Money

Stanley Howler is the strange young man encountered by Moist von Lipwig at the Post Office who - after his parents died in a plague - was raised by peas. Not on peas, but actually by peas - which has left him as a bit of a loner, an obsessive, and with a tendency to lean towards the sunlight.

He has these "little moments", when all hell might break loose. He is looked after by Junior Postman Groat (Junior is a misnomer – he's an antique). Once Moist has arrived, their fortunes take a turn for the better.

When first encountered, Stanley has a thing for pins and acuphilia. He is, in fact, a "pinhead". And obsessive about pins. He knows everything about them. He even wears a T-shirt emblazoned "Ask me about Pins" and is the editor of the magazine Total Pins.

But when stamps enter his life, Stanley puts away his childish fascination with pins and the whole glorious world of stamps opens before him. He is now Head of Stamps at the Post Office, and is doing quite well for himself, which disproves the maxim "Philatery will get you nowhere".


  • Stanley's surname was not revealed in Going Postal, but was initially given in official materials relating to Discworld stamps, and later confirmed in Making Money.