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Miss Healstether is Lady Margolotta's personal librarian in Bonk.

In appearance tall, slim, haughty and cultured, the shorter Lady Margolotta uses her as camouflage in trips to Ankh-Morpork, as most people looking at both of them together will inevitably make the wrong decision, (as to which one of them is Lady Margolotta.)

Having been responsible for the early literary education of Mr Nutt, there is a suspicion at the end of Unseen Academicals that Margolotta and Vetinari have arranged some incidental matchmaking for light relief: shortly after Vetinari speculates to Margolotta that Rufus Drumknott's life might change for the better if he met a young lady who could be persuaded to dress up as a manila envelope, he meets Miss Healstether for the first time.

She is seen to be comparing ring-binders and office stationery with him, on the proven I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours principle. It is possible her spinster status may be ending.