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Pronounced "be-yonk", Bonk is a major town and important political centre in Überwald, situated by the river of the same name. Seat of Lady Margolotta the vampire, the werewolf clan nominally headed by Guye von Überwald, and the Low King of the dwarfs. Bonk considers trolls as slaves and property, and requires them to carry passports signed by owners. Humans are mostly citizens doing whatever the vampire or the werewolves tell them to do.

The famous dwarfish Schmaltzberg fat mines are located around Bonk. The town also boasts a chocolate museum, and a clock in the town square that little figures come out of every quarter of an hour to ring bells.

Bonk has a watch/guard of sorts whose uniforms are far too colourful for the tastes of Samuel Vimes. Known members include:

In the Discworld series

Bonk has a major appearance in The Fifth Elephant, although in Unseen Academicals it is mentioned as the home town of Madame Sharn. It is discussed in greater detail in The Compleat Discworld Atlas as one half (the visible surface half) of the Bonk-Schmaltzberg conurbation.