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In Making Money, Adora Belle Dearheart, viewing the contents of a certain wardrobe in the Chairman's Suite at the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork, just about managed to keep her usual deadpan, slightly cynical, expression on her face.

She came up with a unique and original explanation for the behaviour and predelictions of Sir Joshua Lavish, which had Moist von Lipwig nodding in thoughtful appreciation at the hidden depths of her mind. (Then again, even Vetinari himself treats her with the appreciative courtesy due to a worthy and interesting mind)

The Horseradish Sauce Hypothesis runs thusly.

  • Everyone likes a beef sandwich, right?
  • But just to vary the flavour one day, you put a little horseradish sauce on it.
  • You discover you like horseradish sauce, so the next time you do a beef sandwich you put a little more sauce on it.
  • Then a little bit more.
  • Then a little bit more.
  • Until one day, you put so much horseradish sauce on the sandwich that the beef falls out.
  • And you don't even notice.