Ilsa Varberg

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Ilsa Varberg is the one who broke Lewton's heart, and caused him to despise women in general. Ilsa was romantically involved with Lewton but in that moment she was married to Two Conkers, though she thought he was dead. Ilsa and Two Conkers are archaeologists and reunited to search for the Radiant Trapezohedron. Ilsa and Lewton meet again in the Café Ankh, as she and her husband arrived to Ankh-Morpork looking for the artifact. Later, in the Saturnalia Casino, Lewton protects her and Two Conkers from the assassin Remora Selachii. From then on Ilsa and Two Conkers hide in the cellar of the Café Ankh, and Ilsa makes a deal with Lewton to find Two Conkers a safe place to hide in exchange of a guest pass for the Guild of Archaeologists. At the end of the game, Lewton offers the flying device that Leonard of Quirm invented with the help of Two Conkers to Ilsa so they can escape the city and be safe from the Assassins' Guild.


Ilsa Varberg is a reference to the character Ilsa Lund, Ingrid Bergman's character in the film Casablanca. Both Varberg and Lund are towns in Bergman's native Sweden.