Inspector Lewton

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Inspector Lewton
Lewton in the game
Name Lewton
Race Human (later Werewolf)
Age Unknown
Occupation Private Investigator
Physical appearance Stereotypical film-noir detective
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status Single
Books Discworld Noir

Appearing as the protagonist in the Discworld Noir PC game, Lewton is the Disc's first, and only private eye. Originally a member of the City Watch, specifically the Cable Street Particulars, Lewton was kicked out by Vimes on the grounds of taking a bribe.

There is a hint that in the manner of his leaving the Watch, things were not what they appeared to be at first glance, and that Lewton did not contest the charge of taking a bribe because to have done so would have compromised the good name and reputation of a lady who was close to him. Nobby Nobbs, when they meet, is certainly embarrassed and sympathetic about this, as if he too knows things are not what they seem.

Lewton remains bitter after this, and eventually becomes a private detective due to his massive drinks tab, and the need to pay his rent.

Lewton also has links with the Von Überwald family - his becoming a werewolf half way through the game hinges on his relationship with the Countess Carlotta von Überwald, albeit his lycanthropy remained unknown to him until he found himself climbing out of his own grave.

Lewton is shown to still be in social contact with some of the Watch, namely Nobby - but is shown in a scene in one of the interrogation cells, to still be at odds with Vimes.