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Jeannie is the somewhat fierce wife of Rob Anybody of the Nac Mac Feegle. Being a Kelda of the clan is no easy feat. She must be the brains of her tribe, as the females have far more sense then the males, and make all the big decisions.

She came with seven brothers from the Long Lake Clan and, having married Rob, sets about improving him - which is, to be fair, a wife's job as demanded by tradition and history.

She makes him learn to read and write (after a fashion)

She has the knowing of the Pursin' of the Lips, the Foldin' of the Arms and the Tappin' of the Feets. A truly scary feegle.

She demonstrates some of the knowledge of a Kelda by being able to see partway into the future and knows when things have happened even when they ever so far away. She always knows when Rob is coming home.

She has already become pregnant with Rob's first brood, including - unusually this early - a female.