Kompt de Yoyo

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The de Yoyos are a noble family from Pseudopolis, whose scions have long been associated with intrigue and adventure, supplying the Disc with many notable explorers and adventurers who have discovered many otherwise-unknown areas (well, known to natives, peasants and others who simply do not count on the basis that they are not from the "civilised" world. This has an infinitude of echoes on Roundworld, where, for example, America and Australia were "discovered" whilst being happily inhabited by their own native peoples. This paradox is what led Lord Vetinari to propose the establishment of the Trespassers' Society.)

The current Kompt ("Count" in Morporkian, also spelled Compte) is one such mysterious and adventurous, travelling sort: spotted at the Samedi Nuit Mort Ball in Genua as a guest, he is currently the Lecturer in Modern Languages and Music at the Assassins' Guildschool.

The famous explorer Guy de Yoyo was a previous Kompt de Yoyo. He discovered the Disc's second-highest waterfall in the Year of the Revolving Crab. Of course, lots of dwarfs, trolls, native people, trappers, hunters, and the merely badly lost had discovered it on an almost daily basis for thousands of years. But they weren’t explorers and didn’t count.

The dyslexic artist Don Weizen de Yoyo is also a family member.