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Neighbours Octarine Grass Country, Sto Plains
Geographical Features
Population Larger than the other City States, bar Ankh-Morpork
Type of government Republic
Notable Citizens Ned Coates, John Keel, Eric Thursley, Archchancellor Henry
Imports Raw materials
Exports Manufactured goods
National Anthem
Books Eric, Unseen Academicals

For the character, see Doc Pseudopolis.

Pseudopolis is a city-state on the Sto Plains, formerly a duchy but recently declared a republic (see Unseen Academicals). It is the most turnwise of the major Sto Plains cities (nearing the Octarine Grass Country and the barbarian territory) and probably the largest city on the continent after Ankh-Morpork.

Interesting Facts

  • Nobby Nobbs, currently Corporal in the A-M City Watch, had served before as quartermaster of the Pseudopolis military. Due to this and other circumstances, Pseudopolis always lost its wars (see Men at Arms). When Nobby is questioned about this in the game Discworld Noir he admits that 'one of two items might have found their way into his kit' before being confronted with the fact that 'at the time your 'kit' consisted of three warehouses'.
  • 13 Midden Lane Pseudopolis is where Rincewind returned to the Disc after an indeterminate length of time spent ducking and diving in the Dungeon Dimensions. This was due to hapless teenage demonologist Eric and a too-convenient magic circle...
  • Thrasher's School is a long-established, prestigious boarding school where the sons of the landed gentry are turned into men.
  • Brazeneck College is located in Pseudopolis, and is apparently a source of great civic pride, at least prior to the 70-foot chicken incident.
  • In Snuff, Vimes recognizes that Mr. Jiminy used to work for the Pseudopolis City Watch because of the rosewood truncheon he keeps under the bar.