Nora Tachyon

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Mrs. Tachyon
Name Mrs. Tachyon, also known as "Tacky Nora"
Race {{{race}}}
Age Very old
Occupation Tramp
Physical appearance Old, wearing all her clothes at once
Residence Blackbury through the ages
Marital Status
Books Johnny and the Bomb
Cameos Johnny and the Dead

Mrs Tachyon is the local baglady of Blackbury. She pushes a shopping cart filled with black plastic bags wherever she goes. She has been an old lady for ages...

In The BBC adaptation of Johnny and the Bomb she was played by Zoë Wanamaker.


A Tachyon is a theoretical faster than light particle, which a neutrino may be an example... As it moves faster than light, it must also move backwards in time, and is therefore a staple for sci-fi writers everywhere who want to add some quantum physics into their novels.

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