Orac Oracsson

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Mentioned in A Tourist Guide to Lancre, and in Mrs Bradshaw's Guide to the Railways, Orac Oracsson outfitters of Ohulan Cutash make coats of the finest waterproofing quality. Eric Wheelbrace swears by them. Well, swore - he's presumed to be off with the fairies... and may the gods help him!


Having a coat from Oracsson would mean having "An Oracsson"; phonetically, "Anorak".

Anorak has two meanings in contemporary English: the warm heavy jacket with a hood that Eric would appreciate; and a term of abuse for boring people, such as trainspotters, who wear them - at least in the mindset of the abusive.

In the Indonesian language, the word 'norak' means someone who is uncouth, gaudy, socially awkward - on par with being a 'hillbilly' in the United States. Assumedly a large number of 'norak' people can easily be found around Oracsson at Market Day.