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Mentioned in Hogfather, Jeffrey Bibbleton (aka "Trouble in Trousers" and "Foureyes") lives on this street (at Scrote Manor). Banjo Lilywhite is known as the Park Lane Prowler. Park Lane is the boundary between Hide Park and the homes of the wealthy hubward on the hill of Ankh.

It is also the location of the Klatchian embassy in Jingo.

In many cities, like New York ("Park Avenue"), or London ("Park Lane") this denotes an upscale address with a view of the park. Given that Jeffrey lives in a manor house, Ankh-Morpork appears to follow this trend.


Parallels the Park Drive/Belgravia area of London, which is all upmarket hotels and super-expensive housing? (and which also overlooks Hyde Park). Park Place, or Park Lane in the London version, is also the second most expensive location on the Monopoly board.

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