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Nanny Ogg has visited Ankh-Morpork on one verifiable occassion (see Maskerade). As at least one of her children have gravitated there - ie Neville, the midnight roofing contractor - there may well have been other occassions. In Maskerade, Nanny Ogg is seen to serve drinks on an opening night at the opera where Nobby Nobbs has been sent as a not-very-good undercover policeman. Nobby gravitates to strong drink. (Is there a moment in Maskerade where Nanny decides it's best all round if the undercover policemen are incapacitated with Lancre's finest scumble?) In fact, a second visit to the big city is referenced in Carpe Jugulum: this was the time when Nanny brought back the, er, ornamental pink candle that she keeps under lock and key, and only brings out to be appreciated by people with the right sense of humour. There is no record in Maskerade of Nanny having time to do any personal shopping over and above that needed to transform Granny into a lady of leisure, so this may well refer to a seperate visit.

I have a suspicion that Nanny would find Nobby fascinating. Not necessarily "attractive" - just "fascinating". She's a people person, after all, and a one-off like Nobby would feel vaguely flattered at somebody taking an interest in him. We're told she gets to know most of the people in and around the Opera House just by listening attentively and using her people skills. So it's not beyond reason that she might want to meet a woman (Maisie) who was as unfavoured in her son as Mrs Plinge...--AgProv 08:53, 28 May 2008 (UTC)