Tenth Egg Street

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A street of small traders, who sell small things in small quantities for small sums on small margins. In a street like this, a business survives by being small-minded: it has to look at the details. The proprietors are men who see more farthings than they do dollars, and indeed are no strangers to half-farthings and even the occasional elim. This is not a place for the big idea - it is a place where people take a very close look at the details. Moist von Lipwig chose it as the ideal place to launch the dollar note - reasoning that if paper currency took off here, it would be acceptable anywhere. Geographically, Tenth Egg Street runs between Kicklebury Street and Losing Street. It is also on the fringes of that area of the city colonised by immigrant trolls, which is centered on Quarry Lane/Clay Lane. This would explain the troll street gang, the imaginatively named Tenth Egg Street Gang. (formerly the Can't Think of a Name gang).

Notable businesses: