Quarry Lane

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Quarry Lane runs from Sticken Place to the Fiveways and can be seen as a widdershins extension of Chittling Street. Sticken Place stands at the hub-by-widdershins corner of the Cattle Market, and this gives an indirect clue as to the ethnic and racial nature of the population who have colonised the area, especially around the intersection with Clay Lane.

Quarry Lane marks an area of the city which trolls have chosen to make their own. As has been noted elsewhere, trolls tend to do jobs which the city's human population would find distasteful or dirty. The proximity of the Cattle Markets points to a troll workforce prepared, for instance, to hose down and scrub animal pens after use by several hundred worried and incontinent oxen, and to deal with the large amounts of "industrial waste" that might build up in the animal-slaughtering businesses around the Shambles. (Trolls can distinguish between organic smells, but are neutral towards them, in the same way humans tend to be neutral towards the smells and associations of various sorts of rocks and gravels. In the same way, a troll with a shovel can recognize a great big pile of doodah, but will just shrug disinterestedly as he clears it up). Apparently the day to avoid around the Cattle Markets is Friday, as most of the dung-clearance is done then in preparation for the weekend.

Quarry Lane featured as a location in Men at Arms, where Detritus and Cuddy, escaping from a multi-species mob bent on cop-killing, fall through a very convenient hole and rediscover the Cloaca Maxima.

Quarry Lane is also a location in Feet of Clay, where Angua takes Cheery Littlebottom on an introduction to street policing and basic asking-of-difficult-questions. This involves a visit to Igneous The Troll's All Night-Pottery, which is located here.

The Streets of Ankh-Morpork reveals that the Cavern Club, where The Band With Rocks In performed, is located here.


As mentioned in the Cavern Club entry, the troll nightclub is named after the Roundworld venue where the Beatles got big. It may not be coincidence that John, Paul and George's original band was called the Quarrymen.