Trucklement's Yummy Assortment

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These are the dog biscuits that were favoured, in life, by Vetinari's faithful friend Wuffles. There is still a posthumous order for them from the Palace, as Vetinari still lays one on the grave of his dog every week. (But not the yellow ones. Wuffles never liked the yellow ones).

No doubt made by an Ankh-Morpork manufactury of pet foods and snacks, and on sale either direct from the makers or from such good stores as Grace Speaker's on Pelicool Steps, or Clancy's of Long Hogmeat.


I was in Waitrose today doing some shopping. OK, so it's usually ASDA, but I won a tenner's worth of vouchers entitling me to a free shop at possibly the most expensive supermarket in the western hemisphere. No point in buying regular groceries - in Waitrose? - when you can get them at two-thirds or half the price in ASDA, so we used them for what they are good at, exotics or specials you can't find anywhere else. So imagine my surprise to find jars, bearing an olde-England label, advertising the contents as being from the Tracklements company. Has Terry branched out into pickles and condiments? After all, his description of Wow-Wow Sauce suggests he knows his stuff about autocondimenting. Is this another spin-off from Discworld? Is it a franchise product where Terry allows use of the name in return for a percentage of every jar sold?

I decided to look it up. And truth is stranger than reality.

The firm began in 1970 as Wiltshire Tracklements pickles and preserves. They are based in the English county of Wiltshire. One of whose prominient residents is of course....

A "tracklement" is an English dialect word for any sort of accompaniment for meat (as are dog biscuits, from the dog's point of view).

So - coincidence? Terry slightly adapting the name of a real-world pickle maker? Are these neighbours, friends or just known to TP, who he has written into Discworld?

Or going into dialect English and picking up the same obsolete word?