Warlock Dowling

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In Good Omens, given name of Baby B, who was presumed by the less-than-efficient nuns of the Chattering Order of St. Beryl to be the antichrist but who was in fact much more ordinary than that.

Raised as the child of the American cultural attaché (Mr Dowling and his wife Hariet), Warlock has an unsettling Nanny named Ashtoreth whose attempted Satanic instructions are counterbalanced by the saintly gardener Mr Francis.

Later he is educated by Mr Harrison, who teaches him about Attila the Hun (omitting the bits about his being kind and caring to his aged relatives), about Vlad Drakul the Impaler (carefully leaving out the bits about his dutifully saying his prayers), and the Darkness Intrinsicate in the Human Spirit.

At the same time (though possibly on alternate days) Warlock receives a more Heavenly tuition from Mr Cortese about Florence Nightingale (with no reference to syphilis), Abraham Lincoln and Doing Unto Others As You Would Wish Them To Do Unto You.

The overall result is a no-score draw and, since Warlock is the wrong child for such influences in any case, when Nanny, gardener and tutors eventually pack it in, none of them are quite as perky as when they started.