Whore Pits

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A district of Ankh-Morpork that in long-gone euphemism-free days, offered exactly what it said on the tin. However, on her accession to the position of president of the Seamstresses' Guild, Rosemary Palm petitioned the Patrician to have the area re-named to The Street of Negotiable Affection, on the grounds that it gave a better impression. However, many Ankh-Morpork people still use the old name, but very definitely not where the Agony Aunts can hear them.

This is the area where Carrot Ironfoundersson first stayed on his arrival in Ankh-Morpork, but he soon moved out as he complained about not being able to get a good night's sleep. Apparently young women kept waking him up by knocking on the door asking if he wanted anything, and there is a limit to the number of apples a man can eat...

This is also the area where the Imp in Twoflower's iconograph announced to Rincewind that he'd "run out of pink, squire, it's monochrome from now on, alright friend?". Rincewind had apparently been over-doing the souvenir photographs of interesting young ladies. Not, however, as souvenirs for Twoflower to keep...

Whore Pits/Negotiable Affection runs from Treacle Mine Road to its possibly less well travelled end at Lurkers Lsne, where more specialised interests appear to be catered for. Interesting byways leading off it include Mollywagger Alley, Hanky-Panky Passage, Netherwhittle Road, and other names vaguely indicative of old interesting trades.

Interesting Features :

  • The Blue Cat Club, for a gentleman of discernment, looking for something different.
  • Mrs. Palm's, for gentlemen looking for the same old. A Mecca for (male) visitors to the city.
  • The Agony Aunts passing by on their way to an interesting tea shop, whilst studying the street life for things of professional interest.
  • Lots of examples of interesting ironwork and bollards.
  • The Troll's Head pub (interesting, not attractive.)


A molly or a mollywagger was a Restoration/18th Century term for a transvestite or female impersonator.