Abbot of the Stationeri

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The Abbot of the Stationeri is, when encountered by Masklin and the Tribe in the events of Truckers, an old nome (15 years) who is, outwardly to the rest of the store, very closed-minded, and doesn't accept that anything could exist outside the creation of Arnold Bros (est. 1905). However he then very carefully "doesn't" meet Masklin, in the way of politicians everywhere, and has the world explained to him by the Thing. That is, the Thing explains and then the Abbot understands any nome- sized chunks that float past. Before the Long Drive he dies of old age, an unfamiliar concept to the Tribe who previously had only been able to die of something (cats, disease, unexpected traps) not simply living too much. He is buried in the Gardening section of the Store where it is believed he will be reincarnated as a garden gnome. However before his death he passed the mantle of Abbothood on to Gurder who, being younger, can accept the truth of the Store's imminent destruction.