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André by Distressedpudding
Name André
Race Human
Age young
Occupation Opera House pianist/organist and member of the Cable Street Particulars
Physical appearance fair-haired
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status
Books Maskerade

André is a secret policeman looking for secret crimes, crimes that are not committed by the Guilds or the usual muggers. André's exact rank in the Watch is unclear, but he does have a proper policeman's badge. He is also a member of the Musicians' Guild, allowing him to go undercover as a pianist at the Opera House during the scare of the Opera Ghost (Maskerade), while Sgt. Detritus and Corporal Nobby Nobbs were acting as the badly-disguised, easily-distinguished undercover policemen mingling with the other opera patrons. So far, André is the first and only described member of the modern Cable Street Particulars.

Near the end of the Opera Ghost case, André seems to have temporarily mislaid his copper badge, and also he seems to be quite attracted to the new form of musicals, so it is unclear whether he continues to be a Watchman. However, this lack of clarity as to his precise status may be deliberate.


In the Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom musical, Monsieur André and Monsieur Firmin are the new, in-over-their-heads owners of the Paris opera house. Ankh-Morpork's André is just a musician, but at the end of Maskerade he is last seen in the company of the owner Mr Bucket and new musical director Walter Plinge--perhaps suggesting a promotion is in the works for him as well?

André also bears an interesting similarity to the Persian from the original Phantom of the Opera: a detective who helps the protagonists confront the Ghost. In the the 1925 film, the Persian equivalent is even a secret policeman himself...