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As in the theater and movies, these are major characters who support the plot or the Leading characters and feature significantly in one or more books.

This category should be only for those characters who are not major players in the book - the leading stars who drive the plot - but, like the Oscars, for those who have a significant supporting role as background players. Think of the difference between the lead guitarist and the rhythm guitarist, and perhaps incorporate the bass player and drummer.

Thought is being given to opening a Minor/Incidental Characters category, for those who might get a line or two, and hence a namecheck a long way down the scrolling list of "Cast of Characters".

I'm not sure what the equivalent of "non-speaking character" might be - spearholders, extras, and so on, who turn up for the crowd scenes or to sell a leading character a sausage-inna-bun. (apart from Dibbler). Perhaps the people who only get one line in a Diary or Almanac, as it's only polite or completing the fine detail to acknowledge their existence. The full list of Assasins' Guild teachers might qualify here, as most only exist as footnotes, marginal references, and a name/job occupation. A lot on the witch list would fit here too.

This suggests a scale of four types of character:

  • 1 Leading Actors
  • 2 Supporting characters) on this page
  • 3 Minor or Incidental Characters;
  • 4 "Placeholder Characters And Extras.