Ankh-Morpork Scouting (and possibly Urban Survival) Federation

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There is a short piece in A Blink of the Screen, dating from 2007 and originally written by Terry in playlet form for public performance, called The Minutes of the Meeting To Form The Proposed Ankh-Morpork Federation of Scouts.

This details something of the discussion between Vetinari and a group of City notables, or failing that, Guild representatives, concerning the nature of Scouting, the need for some sort of harmless outlet for the energies of youth, and whether or not it would be wise to extend this to girls. (This including juvenile Dwarfs who self-identify as female, female trolls, and the distaff side of other sentient races, including vampires).

Scouting in its origins derives from the training given to juvenile males in Troll armies. Being, relatively speaking, the youngest, most agile and mobile, as well as having the energy to burn off, young male Trolls were sent ahead of the army to scout out the terrain and observe. Generally speaking, as Chrysoprase confirmed, they were mainly scouting for Dwarfs. Young Trolls would also be taught other related skills, like how to whittle things and tie knots in things. Chrysophrase confirmed that the things whittled with large sharp weapons and which had knots tied into them were also Dwarfs.

Those present at this meeting (chaired by Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch) were:

It was agreed a Scout organisation should be formed; all the people named on the committee were to have equal input; and that girls of all species should be invited, subject to Guidance.

An organisation of this nature has evidently since been formed, as in Raising Steam, Magnus Magnusson, a young Dwarf from the city visiting family in the Schmaltzburg, is described as a member. Fortunately for him, Bashfull Bashfulsson is nearby to offer parental guidance and leadership by example. Raising Steam identifies the specific group to which Magnusson belongs as the Rat Pack.