Annagramma Hawkin

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Name Annagramma Hawkin
Race Human
Age teenager
Occupation Witch
Physical appearance
Residence Cottage of Miss Treason
Parents Annagramma likes to make out that they are well-to-do genteel country landowners. But under pressure from Tiffany, she is forced to admit they aren't even tenant farmers - just farm labourers.
Children none
Marital Status unmarried
Books A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith

A trainee witch of Letice Earwig. She has a tendency to boss other people around, and becomes the "leader" of the coven of apprentice witches of which Tiffany Aching is part in A Hat Full of Sky.

In Wintersmith, she takes over the cottage of Miss Treason, at which she turns out to be rather inadequate until Tiffany and the other apprentice coven members help her out. Of course, this is exactly what Granny Weatherwax wanted when she engineered this situation. Annagramma gets the steading she covets and inevitably fails at it. Tiffany rallies the younger witches round in support, which elevates Tiffany to the status of leader of the new generation of witches. Annagramma then receives a crash-course in all the things that Mrs Earwig didn't teach her, which when added to her natural strengths (she does have them) helps her to make a success of herself as a witch - despite Mrs. Earwig, not because of her. The young witches receive a lesson in practical Boffo - that if only one witch is seen to fail, this casts doubt over the competence of all witches everywhere, and this must not happen, as Respect is everything. This is the sort of lesson which can only be learnt - not taught. In the meantime, Esme Weatherwax has scored yet another quiet, discreet, but very definite victory of her own against Mrs Earwig, who must have been fuming...