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The Annotated Pratchett File grew out of discussions on the Usenet group The file contains annotations and cultural references found in all books before Once More* *with Footnotes. After this point the file has release details but no annotations.

The APF was created by Leo Breebaart in 1992 as a small list posted to a.f.p. It has grown to over 2000 entries published in HTML and .PDF versions with the assistance of Mike Kew. For quite a while, the Annotated Pratchett File was considered one of the definitive resources for Discworld, with extensive annotations of most Discworld books, and is stored on the L-space website, along with archived apf threads, timelines, Discworld Convention information and other Discworld and Discworld fandom items. However, the website has not been updated since 2005, and is unlikely to be refurbished anytime soon.

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