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One More* *With Footnotes
Co-author(s) Sheila Perry, Priscilla Olson
Illustrator(s) {{{illustrator}}}
Publisher NESFA
Publication date September 2004
ISBN 1886778574
Pages 288
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All data relates to the first UK edition.


Over the years, in addition to his wildly popular Discworld, Johnny Maxwell, and Nome books, Terry Pratchett has also written an assortment of short stories, articles, introductions, and ephemera. These have appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, anthologies, and program books, many of which are now hard to find. Here in one convenient volume, with introductory notes from Mr. Pratchett, are such elusive pieces as: The Hades Business, Once and Future, The Secret Book of the Dead, Hollywood Chickens, Turntables of the Night, Final Reward, Twenty Pence with Envelope and Seasonal Greeting, and more.


The cover illustration and design by Omar and Sheila Rayyan, featuring a crone-type witch, and something of a flying chariot of sorts made of items including a lightbulb, a music casette tape, and a pencil, a chicken riding in it. The actual illustration is better than can be described in these words.

* Other wikis and internet sources tend to omit one of the asterisks. We wonder how they manage to connect the footnote to main text.

Author's Photograph

Copyright 2003 by Michael Benveniste; features Mr. Pratchett in a scholar's cap on top of which is a large yellow rubber ducky.

Other stuff

  • Collection of most short works by Mr. Pratchett up to 2002, compiled in 2004 by the NESFA, who issued a second printing in March 2005. This first edition, second printing is still in circulation.
  • Contains Mr. Pratchett's works: stories, articles, a poem, and an introduction to this volume; an introduction to this volume by Esther Friesner; an afterword to this volume by Priscilla Olson, discussing the NESFA's process of thinking up a book title for this volume.
  • Contains a list of bibliographic citations of the first appearances in print of these short works.
  • Compilation published in United States of America by New England Science Fiction Association.
    Copyright (c) 1963-2004 by Terry and Lyn Pratchett.
    Introduction article "Terry Pratchett: The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Beverage" copyright 2004 by Esther Friesner.
    Afterword article "The Titles That Got Away" copyright 2004 by Priscilla Olson.

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